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In-Home Therapy

ABA Therapy is designed to reinforce positive behaviors and help children with ASD develop skills.In-home therapy includes a customized treatment plan designed to meet each child’s needs and goals.All sessions are conducted by ABA Therapists.Ability to work on skills that are important at home, such as morning/night routines, self-care, mealtimes, etc.Children are able to learn in their natural environment.More opportunities to train and communicate with parents/caregivers. If your child has been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), you understand the importance of helping him or her master new skills to lead more independent lives. Stressful situations can trigger a range of behaviors, which can lead to frustration on both ends. There are options available to help alleviate some of this frustration. Your child can learn age-appropriate skills and demonstrate positive behaviors with the help of


In-School Therapy

We believe that most students can receive quality education while remaining in their school so long as they’re provided with the right tools. As such, our team at Constellations Behavioral Services offers a wide range of ABA-based services for schools and their districts – from intensive, student-specific care to school-wide system supports and training workshops.Constellations Behavioral Services takes a whole-school approach to supporting student needs, therefore our approach is grounded in collaboration with your in-house teams. We believe that given the right tools, resources, and knowledge, every team can effectively support students so that they can reach their fullest potential. From consultation to school administrative teams aimed at establishing and maintaining positive school-wide systems to development and training on individualized student programming, our clinicians meet your teams where they are at in order to begin building internal capacity and sustainable systems that will continue to provide structure and support long after we are gone.

Parent Training

Raising a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be challenging, particularly for parents who do not have easy access to psychological treatment.This book presents parent training as a unique approach that is accessible and one of the most promising methods for promoting long-term behavioral improvements in children with ASD.Backed by decades of research, parent training is a psychotherapeutic technique in which clinicians teach parents effective parenting skills and behaviors, so that parents are the main drivers of change for their children.This clinical guide shows practitioners how to apply this approach with caregivers of children with ASD. Readers will learn strategies for implementing various assessment and intervention techniques and for maintaining parental engagement throughout treatment.Individual chapters focus on the most common issues confronting parents of children with ASD, including social and communication deficits; disruptive behaviors; sleep disturbances; wandering tendencies; and key life skills, like feeding and toileting.

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